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                               Integrity Billing Services LLC

                                                            A Full Service Medical Billing Company

Why Outsource?

We are a USA based medical billing company offering a cost effective & efficient service

Decreases overhead

Focus is on your receivables allowing your staff to provide excellent care to your patients

As your practice grows, I am readily available to meet your needs

Continued Educational Training on the changes in insurances and reimbursements

Reduced Denials

Faster Payments-claims are scrubbed and cleaned before submissions

Follow up on claims

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Fewer Claim Denials

Higher Reimbursements

Claim Scrubbing

Why Outsource Your Billing?

Medical billing is a demanding and challenging task for medical practices. It can be made hassle-free by simply outsourcing it. Here are few benefits of outsourcing your medical billing!

     Added Emphasis on Patient Care

     Physicians cannot concentrate on patient care if the have to spend their considerable time on the financial side as well. By

     outsourcing medical billing, physicians will have more time to concentrate on satisfaction, thus providing quality care.

     Reduced Billing Errors

     The medical billing company solely specializes in medical billing services. I am highly trained and have state-of-the art

     technology. This will not only reduce rejected claims due to billing errors, but also maximize the reimbursements on future



     By outsourcing medical billing, practices can save extensively on staff salary, office supplies, installing/upgrading billing software

     and computer equipment. The fee that you would pay the medical billing company will be much less than the amount you spend

     on your billing staff.

     Improved Cash Flow

     What if your billing staff goes on leave for some unavoidable cause? So, will you be making your patients wait for claims until

     they are back? These interruptions will undoubtedly affect the appropriateness of settlements and our cash flow. By hiring a

     medical billing company, claims going out and cash coming in will go hand and hand.

     Increased Revenue

     Timely submission of medical claims paves way for increased profits. This can be achieved by outsourcing your medical bills. With

     the advent of internet, patients are becoming more knowledgeable about health care and are sound in making choices between

     providers who can offer them best services. Practices can overcome the competition by hiring a medical billing company and

     streamlining the process! 

Revenue Cycle Management

Challenges you may face while managing the revenue cycle process?

     Low level of collections and large accounts receivable backlogs

     Retention and management of billing staff

     Rising costs of administration and processing services

     Lack of qualified personnel and billing resources

     Increasing need for IT capital expenditures

     Difficulty keeping up with ever-changing claims processing procedures

     Lack of follow through on low value claims and with insurance companies on Credentials, payment, etc.

     Distraction from core business objectives

Revenue Cycle Management Offerings

Eligibility and benefits verification. Authorization request and tracking patient registration. Charge entry Medical coding. Payment posting. Electronic remittance posting. Submission of paper and electronic claims. Manage clearinghouse and payer rejections.

Denial review and management. Insurance and patient follow-up. Appeal of all denied or underpaid claims. Return mail processing. Daily/Monthly close. Fee schedule review and analysis.

Secondary insurance billing. Patient statement processing and mailing. Patient pre-collections processes. Credit balance reconciliation. Accounts Receivable analysis and management. Policy development. Denial review and management. Insurance and patient follow-up and collections. Appeal of all denied or underpaid claims. Return mail processing.

Provider enrollment and contracting. Customized management reports. Old accounts receivable clean-up.

What Integrity Billing Services Can Do For You

Improve your office staff’s efficiency by providing:

     Daily Electronic Claim Filing of Accurate and Clean Claims Including any necessary documentation

     All Necessary follow-up with the insurance company or patient

     Correct billing of patient accounts.

     Billing and soft collections

     Claims Submission 0-48 hours

     Follow up on claims >31 days

     Customized Revenue Reports

     Denial Management & Appeals

     Payment posting & Patient Statements


     Certificates of Medical Necessity

     Letter of Medical Necessity

     Detailed Written Order

     Business cards for your patients to call us directly about statements or questions about their insurance

     Experienced Medical Biller & Coder with an Associate of Science Degree in Medical Billing & Coding

     Monthly or bimonthly invoicing

     Collection on your aged accounts receivable

     Guaranteed satisfaction


  Will reduce your expenses by:

     Including postage and claim forms in our monthly charge.

     Requiring no employee benefits to provide.

     Posting timely payments and forwarding EOPP’s daily.

Medical Billing Process

     Super bills will be collected from your office daily.

     Patient Demographics and charges will be keyed in. Medical claims process software will be used to submit claims electronically.

     EOB (Explanation of Benefits) will be updated into billing software on a daily basis.

     AR aging reports will be carefully processed and sent for your appraisal.

     Insurance calling will be done for claims based on the AR report.

     Reports on the work done will be sent on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    Cost For Services

      Flat Fee Services

        A) Monthly fee based upon the services you require

        B) Fee based upon the number of claims you submit

     Percentage Based Fee Service

        A) Fee based upon a % of Revenue collected for your practice. This incudes patient balances should I do statements and soft

             collections for your practice. This does NOT include up front copays collected in your office.

        B) Fee ranges from 4-12% depending on clinic size and services rendered. In most cases a % based platform comes with a

             minimum monthly fee. This covers my administrative cost for claims that we bill correctly but are applied to patients deductible,

             non approved services, ineligible benefits or cost not associated with our billing practices.